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Title: Superhero Artist: The Weeknd 41 plays

The Weeknd - Superhero

When I first listened to this song, I knew I had posted it before. Here’s Justin Garner's version… Which one do you like better? Not gonna lie, I can't decide. The Weeknd's version sounds more “happy” with the change in beat and the layering and autotuning of his voice, however Justin's rendition is cleaner which is definitely not a bad thing… I don't know. You can decide ;) -AKN

  12/07/11 at 10:00pm
Title: Superhero Artist: Justin Garner 79 plays

Justin Garner - Superhero

If you like r&b then you’ll definitely like this guy… I’m loving his sound. He can be my superhero. Maybe… lol What do you think of the song? -AKN

  09/25/11 at 01:31pm