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Title: Rest Of My Life Artist: Jason Derulo 41 plays

Jason Derulo - Rest Of My Life

This song is produced by Ryan Tedder and I like the musicality and tone of the song. I do believe that this track could have been a lot better without so much auto tune. Jason has a good voice, he doesn’t need it to be so electronic to be a hit. -AKN

  12/08/11 at 08:44pm
Title: The Fighter Artist: Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder 30 plays

Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder - The Fighter

I really like Ryan Tedder’s voice… mmmm… Other than that, this sounds like every other GCH song. I still like it though ;) -AKN

  11/11/11 at 09:26pm
Title: Gonna Get Over You Artist: Sara Bareilles ft. Ryan Tedder 50 plays

Sara Bareilles ft. Ryan Tedder - Gonna Get Over You

How am I gonna get over you?
I’ll be alright, just not tonight

This song makes me wish I had a boyfriend. One with a killer voice and a guitar so we could sing this song together. Yeah… that would be nice. I’m sucker for these sappy songs of longing. Hope you like it too -AKN

  09/22/11 at 07:33pm

Rachael Lampa ft. Tyler Ward and Crew’s cover of Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder’s “Rocketeer”

I’ve heard a lot of covers of this song but I’m thoroughly impressed with this one. And Rachael has a flawless voice, wow. This song is featuring Tyler Ward and Crew, and quite honestly, I’m impressed with their performance as well. So impressed that I’m gonna post another song by them back to back with this one ;) enjoy! -AKN

  09/13/11 at 07:55pm