Title: Valley of the Electric Dolls Artist: Marina & The Diamonds VS Lady Gaga 29,539 plays

Marina & The Diamonds x Lady Gaga - Valley Of The Electric Dolls

Never knew who Marina and The Diamonds were but I’m definitely a new fan. This mashup is pretty awesome. Check it out -AKN


Mandatory mashup of the day - and it’s a good one too! It should have been a no brainer that Marina and Lady Gaga could make amazing pop music together - and thanks to this mashup, my fantasy is now a reality. Kudos to Jonathan Seeha for this stellar mix.

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  07/07/12 at 12:12am
Title: How to Be a Heartbreaker Artist: Marina and the Diamonds 409 plays

Marina and The Diamonds - How To Be A Heartbreaker


This is an interesting track from Marina and The Diamonds. It’s different from their regular songs with just the right sprinkling of dance along with their well defined style. You’ll either love or hate it.

Just Dance: LastFm

  07/06/12 at 02:09pm