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Title: City Don't Sleep Artist: Macklemore 21,819 plays

Macklemore - City Don’t Sleep

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  08/07/12 at 10:29pm
Title: The Club Artist: Macklemore 5,209 plays

Macklemore - The Club

I saw him live yesterday at SoundSet… amazing performer. -AKN


Unlike 50 Cent’s dance classic In Da Club, this song is is solely about the club.  His accurate, humorous, and in-depth description of the weekend night life illustrates a sad but true tgif perception that all weekenders can relate to. This is definitely far from the best song of his mixtape The Unplanned Mixtape (the best song being Church [ft. Geologic]), but it’s still one of the better song off of this exceptional Seattle release.  It has an extremely unique sound, and the more you listen to it the more you appreciate it.

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  05/28/12 at 04:52pm
Title: Otherside Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 4,432 plays

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Otherside


I get at least one message a week where someone asks “So have you ever heard of Macklemore?”

Yes, I’ve known about him for years.  Hope that settles that for good.  He’s a king of Seattle hip-hop, which is saying a lot since Seattle has an AMAZING underground hip-hop scene.  If you’ve never heard of him until now…well your welcome. 

He has a very straightforward style and a blunt flow.  His lyrics are also consistently great.  Meaningful stuff that makes you think.  He’s gone through a lot in life…you can see that in his music.

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  02/07/12 at 08:51pm

Macklemore - Wings

My friend from work recommended me to check out Macklemore’s music and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But wow, I’m extremely impressed with his storybook type rapping. His lyrics ooze with emotion and metaphors and his delivery is effective. The video is definitely worth watching, check it out! -AKN

  01/08/12 at 09:34pm