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Girls’ Generation - Oh! (Music Video)

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  09/14/12 at 12:12am

Wonder Girls ft. Akon - Like Money

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  08/07/12 at 10:24pm
Title: Be Mine Artist: 2NE1 8,393 plays

2NE1 - Be Mine

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  07/01/12 at 04:15pm

2NE1 - Lonely


I always fux with 2NE1’s sense of fashion.

  06/22/12 at 08:24pm

Jay Park - Do What We Do

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Title: Dancing On My Own Artist: Pixie Lott ft. GD & TOP 170 plays

Pixie Lott ft. GD & TOP - Dancing On My Own

This collaboration is unreal. This song will be featured on Pixie Lott’s Japanese debut of “Young Foolish Happy.” I have to admit it’s a little weird hearing Korean popstars singing with a white girl but word on the street is Pixie heard GD & TOP’s music on youtube and pursued YG Entertainment herself for a collab. What do you think of the song? -AKN

  03/21/12 at 08:57pm

Sistar - Ma Boy

How do these kpop singers look amazingly sexy no matter what it is they are doing? I always like listening to korean music even though I don’t understand anything. Take a listen ;) -AKN

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  03/12/12 at 01:50am

Wonder Girls ft. The School Gyrls - The DJ Is Mine


i’ve never heard of the school gyrls but i love the wonder girls. the americans have a little more swag but the koreans had more face time. fun, poppy song that fares well for the u.s. 

edit: just watched it again and i change my mind.. the koreans had more swag.

  01/14/12 at 12:30pm

GD & TOP - Oh Yeah

Yayyyy this song reminds me of California when me and @eunnaful cruised around to this album for days at a time. This is the short version of the music video, what do you think? -AKN



it’s so awesome

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  12/02/11 at 07:42pm
Title: 2NE1 Feat. 2PM & Dok2 - Hate You Artist: 례쁨 949 plays

2NE1 ft. 2PM & Dok2 - Hate You

I love kpop even though I have no idea what they are saying. Not just the music but the language itself just sounds so aesthetically pleasing to the ears. If not for the words, then take a listen for the music and beats ;) -AKN

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  11/04/11 at 09:31pm