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Bridget Kelly - Seek & Destroy

“You better not fuck this up.”

This song made me LOL but at the same time, I’m totally vibing to it. Do you like it? -AKN

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Title: Ready To Go Artist: Shontelle 10 plays

Shontelle - Ready to Go

Dang… she sounds a little intense in this song with all the “F” bombs she’s dropping. But I love her. Shontelle is a huge underdog in the r&b scene but she is so talented. I’m really hoping that one day she will blow up and get the fame she deserves. :) -AKN

  09/07/11 at 10:20pm
Title: Do It Artist: Akon 10 plays

Akon - Do It

Not gonna lie but this song makes me wanna have sex with someone… like right now. He makes doing the nasty sound so pretty in this song… lol ;) -AKN

  08/01/11 at 09:14pm