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Wonder Girls ft. Akon - Like Money

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  08/07/12 at 10:24pm

Akon ft. Gotye, Money J, Frost - Used To Know (Remix)

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Title: Louder [feat. Natalia Kills] Artist: Akon 2,989 plays

Akon ft. Natalia Kills - Louder


A new track has surfaced from Akon featuring the up and coming pop star Natalia Kills. The David Guetta produced track is nothing we haven’t heard before, but thats not to say it’s not a good song. In fact, this will probably blow up this summer. Definitely feeling this tune and look forward to dancing to it for some time to come!

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  05/20/12 at 06:26pm
Title: The Weekend Artist: Akon Ft. Usher 139 plays

Akon ft. Usher - The Weekend

This song is a lot slower than I was anticipating BUT Usher’s (my husband in case you all didn’t know) silky voice mixes well with Akon’s. This song is really cute, but them name dropping all the days around the weekend reminded me of a certain teeny bopper’s viral song *coughfridaycough* This track is uppity for a slow song and I like it. Do you agree? -AKN

  08/11/11 at 12:15am
Title: Do It Artist: Akon 10 plays

Akon - Do It

Not gonna lie but this song makes me wanna have sex with someone… like right now. He makes doing the nasty sound so pretty in this song… lol ;) -AKN

  08/01/11 at 09:14pm