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Jay-Z Feat. Adele - THRT (The End) [Urban Noize Remix]

Mike Tompkins - Skrillex x Santigold (A Capella Mash Up)

mind blown -AKN

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  07/13/12 at 01:15am
Title: Valley of the Electric Dolls Artist: Marina & The Diamonds VS Lady Gaga 29,553 plays

Marina & The Diamonds x Lady Gaga - Valley Of The Electric Dolls

Never knew who Marina and The Diamonds were but I’m definitely a new fan. This mashup is pretty awesome. Check it out -AKN


Mandatory mashup of the day - and it’s a good one too! It should have been a no brainer that Marina and Lady Gaga could make amazing pop music together - and thanks to this mashup, my fantasy is now a reality. Kudos to Jonathan Seeha for this stellar mix.

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  07/07/12 at 12:12am
Title: B.O.B. Artist: OutKast 1,109 plays

Outkast x B.o.B. Mash Up

Ok… this song seriously makes me wanna break it down. This gif describes it best :) -AKN

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  07/06/12 at 04:21pm
Title: Whistle Down Artist: Kimbra VS Flo Rida 1,159 plays

Kimbra x Flo Rida - Whistle Down

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  06/22/12 at 08:17pm

Bum Squad DJz x Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops

Title: Call Last Friday Night Artist: Cheryl Cole VS Katy Perry 269 plays

Cheryl Cole x Katy Perry - Call Last Friday Night (Mash Up)

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  05/21/12 at 01:39pm
Title: Da Funk/19-2000 Artist: Daft Punk // Gorillaz 211,365 plays

Daft Punk x Gorillaz - Da Funk/19-2000 (Mash Up)

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  05/21/12 at 01:35pm
Title: Touch The Sky [Urban Noize Remix] Artist: Kanye West Feat. Florence Welch (Of Florence + the Machine) & Lupe Fiasco 709 plays

Kanye West ft. Florence & Lupe Fiasco - Touch The Sky (Urban Noize Remix)


Download: Kanye West Feat. Florence Welch (Of Florence + the Machine) & Lupe Fiasco - Touch The Sky [Urban Noize Remix]

  04/05/12 at 11:12pm

Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music (DJ Pauly D Remix)

Honestly, I’ve never heard a Pauly D remix til this one (I vaguely recall how the “Beat That Beat Up” song goes, if I’m even remembering the name right). But it’s not bad, I definitely can see why his music is so popular aside from his good looks ;) Check the remix out -AKN


i like the “yeah buddy” as part of the intro :) it’s definitely a club mix but all i can picture in my head is the jersey shore cast fist pumping…

  02/15/12 at 05:20pm